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Hunter Laing
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Thu 9-26-13
cort3 - OLY

squat mob
AM bar

A1. 5x3 snatch off blocks (above knee) @ heavy trip -s-
75 x 3
85 x 3
90 x 3
95 x 3
105 x 5 x 3 PR - 5#

These felt really good today for the most part. I focused on using my lats to pull the bar into my hips, and the bar was just flying up on every rep. I also focused on keeping a really tight low back in the bottom of the ohs.

I used my new Broz straps for these today, which I really like now that I'm used to them. I feel like they saved a lot of my grip for my cleans today.

B1. 5x3 clean off blocks (above knee) @ heavy trip
105 x 3
115 x 3
125 x 3
135 x 3
145 x 3
150 x 5 x 3 PR-5#

These also felt really good today. Again, I focused on using my lats to pull the bar into my hip. I also tried to do the chinese "quad pop", but on a couple of reps this sent the bar too high and caused it to crash on me. I feel like if I could get more consistent with it I could be pulling my lifts a lot higher.

C1. ankle mob
C2. pistol w/ 10 sec hold in bottom - 15# x 3 x 1 each leg

Started throwing in some full pistols today, with a slow eccentric, 10 sec hold in the bottom, and then a concentric rep. Right leg felt really strong. Left leg was slacking on the eccentric part a little bit, and I rolled onto my butt during the second and third sets.

D1. knee series

E1. super squat hip sequence

pm - EQ

wrist stretches

A1. back body line drill - 3 x 20 sec
A2. weighted shoulder plank - 3 x 30 sec

Today I moved my knees back much farther on the weighted shoulder stretch and turned it into a plank type exercise where I tried to keep my abs tight and keep my lower back flat while sinking my head as deep between my shoulders as I could.

B1. HS body line wall drill - 3 x 30 sec
B2. half straddle downs - 3 x 6

C1. elbow lever hold - 3 x 15 sec

Getting some cramping in my traps during these.

D1. shoulders

E1. wrist conditioning
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