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Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I'm glad that I'm at least not totally off-base in my considerations.

From what I have found this week, it seems that heavy back squatting affects my classic lifts less than heavy front squatting. For example, on Monday when I did the complex with 160# that I mentioned previously, this was immediately following 235x5x5 on back squat. However, on Wednesday I did 215x3x5 on front squat, and when I went in yesterday I attempted some 3-position snatches and 135 was pretty taxing on me. I just couldn't hit the proper positions and my back was toast. This is just something I'll have to keep in mind as I approach both my front squats and workouts the next day.

How familiar are you with the TM? I'm not sure if there is a protocol for Monday's working weight. If there isn't, I was just going to attempt 10-15# less than 5rm. Also, would it benefit me more to attempt 5rm or 1rm on Saturdays?

Thank you for all your advice.
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