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Originally Posted by Elliott Denney View Post
So would you suggest that I do lighter triples/doubles on back squat or triples on front squat for Wednesdays? I was planning on doing the latter.
Here's the thing about your light day on TM. If you are going to do front squats, then they need to be light in comparison to your front squat and not in comparison to your back squat. Really, think of Wednesday as a proprioception day. Don't try to push and do anything crazy. Think of it as a day to get some work in to avoid feeling super stiff and crappy on Friday.

So, 215 for your sets on front squat is going to be much too heavy for your Wednesday at this point. I'd start with something like 185, honestly. Don't think about moving that number up every week. You may keep it there for a while and then go to 195 for a few weeks, etc. Use the same philosophy for back squat. It's a recovery day more than anything.

Like Javier said, it might take some time for your snatch and clean and jerk to catch up with your new squat, so don't freak out if those numbers stay the same or even go down for a bit as long as your squat goes up.
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