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Hunter Laing
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Mon 9-30-13

am - BASa1

wrist stretches

A1. false grip chins (chest to ring) / 31x1 - 3, 3, 3, 3, 2*, 2*, 2, 2, 2, 2
A2. rto dips / 31x1 - 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2

*missed chest on third rep

False grip chins today were a fun change of pace from body rows, and I was better at them than I thought I was going to be. The setup I have in my basement isnt great for them, because I hang my rings from a doorway pullup bar and I have to kneel to reach full extension in my arms at the hang, and the straps are so short that it makes it hard to pull the rings together in front of my chest. I need to remember to focus on hard retraction and depression at the start of every rep, and I need to focus on pulling with my lats, because when I did this my reps felt a lot stronger and getting my chest to touch the rings was a lot easier

For the rto dips, I am working towards doing them without my forearms resting against the rings. I'm not sure how to do this yet, but I worked today on getting them off the rings at the bottom of the rep and trying to press back up without them touching, although they inevitably would.

B1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 4 x 10 each arm

Still trying to figure out how to feel this in the back of my shoulders, as today I felt them in my lats right under the arm and in my middle back. I also tried turning the dumbbell downward, like pouring out a pitcher, and this made me feel it more in my mid back, but still nothing in my rear delts.

C1. wrist conditioning

Notes: I have moved on from the basic bodyweight accumulation phase that I have been in for the past 5 weeks, but my upper body workout were starting to get a little stale, so I decided its time to go into an intensification phase. This particular phase will be base on getting my first strict muscle up.

There will be two different BAS sessions, one focused on strength in false grip chins and ring dips (today) and the other focused on the muscle up transition. My SAS sessions will now be focused on maintaining the little strength that I have built up in the tuck planche and tuck front lever, as well as maintaining my german hang position.


pm - OLY

squat mob
stick stuff
AM bar x 2

A1. 1RM 3 pos (floor, hang, hip) snatch
75 x 2 x 1
85 x 1
90 x 1
95 x 1
100 x 1
105 x 1 PR tie
110 x f
110 x 1 no PR
110 x 2 x f

Snatches were feeling off today even during the warm up, but I was feeling so good on them on Friday that I still thought I could make a PR. I tied my PR at 105 fairly easily, but the jump to 110 proved too much, and I started getting in my own head about it. I failed the first attempt at 110 on the rep from the hips, and lost it forward because I didn't get under it fast enough. The second attempt I made, but the hip rep was really ugly, and I caught it on my toes of my right foot again like I did with 135 on Friday, and since it was so ugly I'm not counting it as an actual make or a PR. The third set at 110 I was all in my head and caught the rep from the floor in a position where I could ohs it, so I restarted the set, which is then failed on the hang rep after I went to my toes on my right foot again. I need to pay a lot of attention to this so it doesn't become a reoccurring pattern during my lifts. Fuck.

B1. 3x1 3 pos(floor, hang, hip) snatch @ 90%
95 x 3 x 1

These felt better than I thought they would have after I was having so much trouble at 110. I started pulling slower off the ground to get into a better position, and I widened up my stance on the pull and the catch, which seemed to help with positioning a little. After having such a shit day on snatches, the last set at these felt good, especially the rep from the hip i which I pulled under really well. This is how I need to pull under all the time.

After looking at all the videos after leaving the gym, it was clear to me that I was having trouble on almost all reps because I wasn't getting my elbows high and outside, and was actually keeping them straight, causing the bar to loop around which is why most of my reps were caught forward and had to be muscled into the right position. On the only rep today that felt really strong, on my last set at 95#, I think I got my elbows up which is why I got under the bar so well.

C1. 4x5 round back snatch grip DLs + 5 snatch hi pulls
95 x 4 x 5+5

These were rough on both my lower back and my legs, but overall I guess it was a fun change of pace. The round back deadliest actually felt really good, and I focused on curling and uncurling my spine to try and feel my erectors working. On the snatch hi pulls, i focused on getting my elbows up and out, and on squeezing my upper back at the top of the pull. I will try doing this on my snatches off blocks on thursday and see if it make my receiving position more stable overhead.

D1. ankle mob
D2. pistol w/ 10 sec hold in bottom - 15# x 3 x 1 each leg

I think the lack of intense ankle mob on friday may have held me back a little today on my snatches, and I was glad to get back to it today, although both legs felt kinda weak on the eccentric portion.

E1. super squat hip sequence
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