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Hunter Laing
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Tue 10-1-13
cort4 - OLY

squat mob
stick stuff
AM bar

A1. 1RM 3 pos (floor, hang, hip) clean
95 x 1
115 x 1
125 x 1
135 x 1
145 x 1
150 x 1
155 x 1
160 x 1 PR - 5#

These felt pretty good today. I started out my reps focusing on using my lats to pull the bar to my hips, and this was working well for most reps, especially the hip reps which I felt like I was getting under really well. The only problem on these today was that I was landing on my toes a little, especially on reps from the hip, and I think this is probably an ankle mobility issue because I need my knees slightly more forward than I can get them while still on my heels to catch it after a quick pull under. On the rep from the hip at 160, I brought my left knee slightly too far in and felt a little tweak.

B1. 3x1 @ 90%
145 x f

Skipped the other two sets at 145 after failing the rep from the hip on the first set. I failed because I didn't get under it fast enough because I was focusing hard on landing on my heels so I didn't tweak my knee again. I decided to skip and save my knees for squats.

b x 5
95 x 5
135 x 5
160 x 3
180 x 2
200 x 2
215 x 1

This was by far the easiest squatting has felt in a while. The "chuanfu" method of squatting is finally starting to click I think; instead of thinking "knees in" I've starting thinking about initiating standing up from my hip flexors, while attempting to squeeze my balls with my abductors/adductors (i dunno...the ones on the inside). This causes my knees to go in slightly and then come back out as I stand up, but I wasn't feeling nearly as much strain on my left knee as when I was thinking about actually bringing my knees in, and I stood up just as easily if not more so.

D1. Front Squat

b x 5
95 x 5
120 x 5
140 x 4
150 x 4
160 x 4

By this point in the workout my left knee was pretty sore, but I still tried to focus on initiating the concentric portion with my hip flexors.

E1. ankle mob
E2. shrimp - back knee only x 3 x 5 each leg
E3. harop curl - 3 x 5
E4. pistol switch - 3 x 10 sec each leg

Back into the old ankle mobility/knee stability routine, and it felt pretty good. Harop curls are getting stronger, and I am able to do almost a full 5 sec negative of every rep of the sets, which is some improvement. I decided not to do any eccentric/concentric pistol reps today; instead I'll build back up to it over the next few weeks. I tried the next level shrimp on my left leg today, using my right arm to reach back and grab my right leg, but I am still not mobile enough in my left ankle to do it. I could probably do it with my right leg, but I'll hold off until I can do it on my left first.

F1. super squat hip mob


pm - EQ1

wrist stretches

A1. back body line drill - 3 x 20 sec
A2. weighted shoulder plank - 15# x 3 x 20 sec

Tried out something slightly different today on the back body line drill, and didn't go into a full hollow position. Instead, I left my head against the floor while trying to make my back as flat as possible, and also pressing the back of my hands into the floor as before. I think it helped me achieve a better line in the later sets of HS work.

B1. HS body line wall drill with toe touches - 3 x 10

So this was the basic HS body line wall drill, focusing on stacking everything over the shoulders in as straight a line as possible, but with a slight change. I moved my wrists slightly out from the wall, then made my feet flat instead of pointed to line everything up over my hands. Then I would straighten one foot, slowly pull the other off the wall until I was in a freestanding HS and try to hold it as long as possible, which wasn't very long today. I found that, basically as soon as I pressed through my fingers my legs were back on the wall.

C1. HS heel pulls - 3 x 5

These are similar to the previous HS drill, except that these are back to wall. The main goal here is to get the feel of rebalancing with the palms, as well as building more strength to push through the fingers. I had a surprisingly good number of solid holds longer than 5 seconds on these today, which is a lot more than I expected to get. On most reps my feet were a little toward the back of my head, but I was still in a very straight line so I'm ok with it for now.

D1. wrist conditioning

E1. shoulders-slow

Also, I think I may have pushed my left knee a little too hard today, as it was getting sore during this EQ session from just coming out of handstands and landing on my left leg first. I will probably do some SMR type stuff on it tonight, and maybe some Cali Strength knee stretches and see how it feels tomorrow which is, luckily, not an OLY day.
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