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Hunter Laing
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Wed 10-2-13

am - SAS1

wrist stretches

A1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 10 x 7 sec
A2. pull to tuck front lever hold - 10 x 7 sec

Worked on some different hand positions for the tuck planche today. The first set I did was on dbs using them like parallettes, but I didn't feel like I was getting good extension through my scape. Then I took it to palms flat on the ground and tried out some different angles. I found that the angle that felt strongest was actually having my hands very slightly (like a couple of degrees) turned in. I feel like it let my put more weight through my palm and I wasn't tweaking my wrist as much toward my thumb and pointer finger.

I started pulling into the tuck front lever holds today, which made them harder than lowering into them which is what I did during the last 5 weeks. The sets started out in more of an adv tuck position, but later sets were closer to a regular tuck. On these I focused on retraction and depressing really hard before pulling up, as well as trying to externally rotate my arms slightly. Some reps I pulled into a great position and some others it took a little playing around to get into a good retracted, long necked position.

B1. german hang pull to inverted hang - 5 x 3 w/ 5 sec hold in german hang

Did these on a straight bar with a pronated grip, but I think I might move these to the rings soon.

C1. YTWL's - 3# x 3 x 5

Today I focused really hard on the muscles being used during each movement instead of just doing the movement, and it made me feel it a little more, especially on my left side.


pm - BASb1

wrist stretches

A1. toe assisted MU transitions - rings under nose x 8 x 4

I got these from this video by Jeff Tucker, and I will be gauging the intensity of this exercise by how high the rings are compared to my body when I am in the kneeling starting position. Today, the height of the rings was such that I could rest my nose of the portion where I grip the rings. I will probably work here for another session to see how how sore I get (especially in my elbows because I could feel them getting tight after a while) and how my body reacts, and then I will start increasing he height and decreasing the number of reps.

On every rep, I focused on hard retraction and depression of the scapula, as well as on using the lats to pull myself up. I also started with my elbows in front of my body and focused on keeping them as close as possible. I also did a slow negative after each concentric rep, focusing on moving my elbows from above the rings to below them, while keeping the rings as close to my body as possible.

B1. seated db ext rot - 10# x 3 x 5 each arm

I may drop the weight on these next time and go for 5 sets, but I am trying to experiment with going heavier on these since a goal I have for some undetermined point in the future is 1/4 bw for 5 reps on each arm.

C1. wrist conditioning

Changed the order up a little and did first knuckle pushups first. I liked this, it gave me a good pump in my forearms for the rest of the exercises and I didn't have to do the hardest exercise last.

D1. shoulders

At first, I had intended on doing some shoulder stand work on the rings for a couple sets after the MU transition work, but I very underestimated how hard a shoulder stand is on the rings. I might have to build some parallettes if I wanna start training that.

Also, when attempting to shoulder stand on the rings, I noticed a clicking in my left shoulder, sort of where the scapula meets the shoulder and the upper chest, when I was pressing into a ring support. It didn't really hurt, but it wasn't comfortable, so its something I'll be keeping an eye on.
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