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Matt Foreman
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Okay, I'll throw in a few thoughts:
- What to eat- Try to stay as consistent as possible with your normal routine and habits. I personally like to eat a small meal 4-5 hours before I start lifting, and then something really small (Clif Bar or something) about an hour before.
- Cutting to make weight- The best way to do this is to make sure you're not in a desperate panic on meet day. Making weight is all about discipline and prior planning. I only had to do the panic sauna thing twice, and both times I made weight but got some kind of little dehydration-related tweak or strain during the meet.
- Warm-ups- As close to normal training as possible.
- Openers/strategy- Huge topic...short answer. I'm a big believer in planning to make all six lifts. The opener should be something you've made on the first try plenty of times in training. 2nd attempt is around PR level, 3rd attempt is a new PR. All of this has to be balanced with picking attempts that might be needed to beat competitors, etc.
- Coaching- Calm coach = calm athlete. Panicky coach = panicky athlete.
- General rules- Have a good plan for everything already established way ahead of time, then adapt and overcome when things don't go exactly the way you want.
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