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Hunter Laing
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Thu 10-3-13

am - BASa2

wrist stretches

A1. false grip chins (chest to rings) / 31x1 - 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2
A2. rto dips / 31x1 - 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

So I made progress in both exercises. The false grip chins felt really strong for the first couple sets. I was again focusing on retracting and depressing my scaps, and using my lats to pull. The sets that I didn't have as much focus on these things felt much weaker.

RTO dips are tough, and I started leaning forward a little to make them harder. I could hear some clicking in my left shoulder, around the same place that I got that weird click/feeling yesterday, but there was no sensation today, so I'm not too worried.

B1. seated db ext rot / 4020 - 5# x 5 x 10 each arm

I am actually more excited about these today than the progress on my fg chins and rto dips, because I think I have finally figured out how the movement is supposed to work and where I am supposed to feel it. I started with my shoulder in deep internal rotation, then retracted my scapula and squeezed the db up with the muscle underneath my shoulder. I got a really good burn in that muscle on both sides, so I'll keep doing them this way as long as I dont start experiencing any pain.

C1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

squat mob
stick stuff
AM bar

A1. 5x3 snatch off blocks (power position)
75 x 3 x 3
85 x 3
95 x 3
100 x 2 x 3 PR
100 x 2*
95 x 2 x 3

*did that weird, right foot toe landing thing on the third rep, fuck...

Early reps on this felt really solid. I was focused on using my lats to sweep the bar into my hips, and I was getting under the bar really quickly. I starting thinking about something I've started calling the "chinese slap drill" that a weightlifter who was passing through my gym taught me. Its hard to explain through text, but basically you stand in the power position, slap your thighs, and by the time you hear the slap you should be in the bottom of a squat with your hands over your head (herehere, not here here). The point of the drill is to show you how fast you really need to pull yourself under the bar right after you explode it up from the hips.

Last time I did these, I used 95#, and according to my notebook I was all over the place with my form, catching some reps high and not being able to get into the hole on some, so I was happy to get 95# with comfortable form.

B1. 5x3 clean off blocks (power pos)
110 x 3
125 x 3
135 x 3
145 x 5 x 3 PR

By this point in the workout I didn't really have my head in it anymore. There are just so many dumb ass people at my gym after 8 o'clock, like people walking right behind me or in front of me right before a rep, or standing in my line of sight after I asked them not to, that I started to get frustrated. So my form on these wasn't as good as it could have been, but still, its a PR.

C1. ankle mob
C2. pistol switch - 15# x 3 x 10 sec each leg

D1. knee series

Skipped the super squat hip sequence today as a little experiment to see how I feel tomorrow morning during my OLY session.
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