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Default 2nd Pull Problems

Hi, I'm new to this forum and was looking for some good advice on technique. First a little background on myself and training history so you can understand where I'm coming from. I started doing crossfit about 2.5 years ago and was fascinated with the Oly lifts. I switched from crossfit to exclusively weightlifting last January and haven't looked back. I have some experienced people that I started lifting with at my gym in Virginia but I have worked largely without coaching. Now, to my current problem and reason for this thread:

I struggle, and I mean STRUGGLE, with staying long over the bar through the first portion of the 2nd pull. Once the bar clears my knees, my brain thinks GO, and my knees just shoot forward. This generally results in a poor power position and leads to me chasing the bar more often than not. I have tried to work on sweeping and keeping my knees back but it is very difficult for me. Especially when the weight gets heavy, it is very difficult to sweep and combine the lack of sweep with my knees pushing through early and I wind up jumping at least a couple inches forward to get under the bar.

What I'm looking for is any cues, drills, and other advice that will keep my knees back and sweep the bar into that sweet spot where I can really drive the bar up properly.

I apologize in advance for the long post but I thought more information is better than less.

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