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Hunter Laing
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Mon 10-7-13

am - BASa(d)

wrist stretches

Added band resistance to the scap pushups, and added some hanging depression/retraction work at the end. I'll keep with this for a while and see if I see any differences.

A1. fg chins (chest to rings) / 31X1 - 3, 3, 3, 3
A2. rto dips / 31X1 - 3, 3, 3, 3

FG chins felt good today, I actually think I pulled the first couple sets higher than I usually do. Although some of the last reps did feel a little weaker than I remember from last BASa session. I was also having trouble focusing on pulling with my lats...dunno whats up with that.

RTO dips went fine. I started trying to keep my body tighter as I lean forward, and was focused on trying to keep the rings turned out 90* to the front for the whole rep instead of just at the bottom.

B1. seated db ext rot / 4020 - 5# x 3 x 10 each side

Was only supposed to do 2 sets but whatever. These were kind of frustrating today, as I felt them really well on my right side, but not so much on my left. I think it was a lack of retraction on my left side,but I'm not really sure...

C1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

squat mob
AM bar

A1. 3RM pause (3 sec below knee) snatch *all weights in kilos
b x 3
30 x 3 x 3
40 x 3
44 x 3
45 x 3
47 x miss
47 x 3 PR
48 x 2+miss
48 x 3 PR

So today I got to work in a gym with bumpers and real platforms, where people arent scared of the noise from dropping weights, and it was awesome. I'll be working here for at least the next month, as the fee is much pricier than my other gym is, so we'll see at the end of the month if I want to continue.

Most of these reps felt pretty strong, but I think I was getting pulled a little forward during the pause below the knees. I was also not getting my elbows up and out enough on some reps.

B1. 2 x 1 @ 90% / 2 x 1 @ 95% / 1 x 1 @ 100%
43 x 2 x 1
46 x 2 x 1
48 x 1

These all felt really good. I started trying to stay more upright during the pause below the knees by moving my knees sideways, and therefore out of the path of the bar, and this resulted in some pretty good looking reps. Also, after my shaky 3rm at 48, one of the coaches advised me to try to turn my elbow pits up during the lockout of the snatch and try to feel my lats working, and this made my overhead position much stronger.

C1. 3x5 RBSNDL
44 x 3 x 5

D1. ankle mob x 3

E1. knee series

Forgot to do my super squat hip mob because I had to discuss membership with the gym owner before leaving, but I didn't seem to lose much mobility in the bottom of the squat when i didn't do it last time so I think I'm ok, although I will continue to do it before and after sessions as today my right hip was feeling pretty tight.
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