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Hunter Laing
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Wed 10-9-13

am - SAS1

wrist stretches

Started to really feel my SA during the banded scap pushups and whippets, which I'm pretty excited about.

A1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 10 x 7 sec
A2. lower to adv tuck front lever hold w/ parallel grip - 10 x 7 sec

Tuck planches felt strong today. I just need to remember to look forward and not down to keep my scaps depressed. I did all sets today with the sort of inward (very very little) rotation of my hands and it felt solid and didn't strain my wrists.

Front lever holds felt awesome today, and I think I am starting to understand the proper body position necessary to hold a full one,even though I don't have the strength yet. I did all my holds with a parallel grip instead of on a straight bar, and I think this made my retraction and depression a lot stronger for a couple reasons: 1) the parallel handles on my pullup bar are just about shoulder width, while the straight bar portion is outside shoulder width, and I think that having my arms closer to shoulder width makes me able to pull my shoulders back and down harder, and 2) the parallel grip lets me more easily externally rotate my shoulders, also leading to stronger retraction and depression. Also during some sets, I hit a really good body position, with my lower back flat, hips tucked up slightly, but still extending my legs past perpendicular with my torso, and on these sets I could really feel my abs working to hold the position. I will be aiming to feel this ab contraction on all sets from now on.

B1. lower to adv tuck back lever hold to german hang pull - 3 sec BL/5 sec GH x 5 x 3

On these, I lowered to a 3 sec adv tuck BL, then lowered to a 5 sec german hang, then pulled out to an inverted hang for 3 reps each set. I was struggling with my grip by the end, and was really feeling this all around my elbows, in forearms, biceps, and triceps, in a good way. Very solid elbow conditioning.

C1. YTWL's - 2#s x 5 x 5

D1. wrist conditioning


pm - BASb1

wrist stretches

A1. toe assisted MU transition / 41X1 - rings at top of bridge of nose x 8 x 4

These were feeling a little off at the start, but got better as the sets went on. I played with my grip a lot, because I noticed that if I actually rest my wrists on the rings then my hands aren't in a goof position to dip afterwards. I ended up starting in a support position to get my hands in the right spot, and then using that grip for the transitions.

B1. seated db ext rot / 40X0 - 10# x 3 x 6 each arm

Felt good. I was feeling these on both arms today.

C1. shoulders - back/front
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