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Your weight should be mid foot in the starting position as Charlie said. When you lift the bar off of the floor your weight should be shifting back like you do. Then you roll forward to the toes as you extend. That roll forward is making your weight shift forward which is leading to you jumping forward.

I would still say to keep your feet flat longer to help prevent the forward weight shift.

Originally Posted by Peter Maxwell View Post
I am new to weightlifting.

I looked at Brian's video of the snatch (which was posted after the commencement and receipt of suggestions) and its done real fast but it appeared to me that it was a bump & swing style as opposed to the triple extension style of snatch (1st pull, 2nd pull & explode all the time keeping the bar close).

If it is a bump & swing style of snatch my query is whether the suggestions provided before the video link post are still applicable??

I would say all of those suggestions would be applicable in this situation.
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