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Hunter Laing
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Sat 10-12-13

am - SAS2

wrist stretches

A1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 10 x 7 sec
A2. lower to adv tuck front lever hold - 10 x 7 sec

Tuck planches felt really strong today. I think its time to go down to the purple band next workout. The front levers felt pretty strong too, but I couldn't get the same feeling in my abs that I had last workout, although my legs were getting pretty extended while I kept my back flat.

B1. lower to adv tuck back lever hold to german hang pull - 3 sec BL/5 sec GH x 5 x 3

These felt strong today too, and my grip has improved a lot over last time.

C1. YTWL's - 3# x 5 x 5

Found a way to raise my bench to a slightly steeper angle, and I think it helped me hit the positions better.

A friend is back in town after moving away so I'll be going out with him and saving my BASb session for tomorrow.
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