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I agree with Keith and Blake. You need to be tighter all over. You actually need to start with this when you first take the bar off the floor. You pick it up with a completely rounded back. Treat every lift as if it were a max effort deadlift, clean or snatch and be sure to have that back flat and tight off the floor. It's surprising how easy it is to hurt yourself picking up a "light" weight incorrectly.

To get to that mid-thigh hang position, you want to start at the top with your shoulders back and chest out so that your torso is super tight. Bend slightly at the knee, and then lower the bar by pushing your HIPS up and back. It's a conscious hinge at the hip whereas you are just slumping your shoulders and torso forward.

It also looks like you aren't opening your hand to release the bar in the rack position. Your elbows are down, and this is contributing to your torso being pulled too far forward. You should rack with an open hand - no death grip on the bar. Invest in some weightlifting shoes. It's going to be much more difficult for you to get into a correct front squat position with your torso as vertical as it needs to be with the shoes you are wearing.
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