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Hunter Laing
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Tue 10-15-13

am - EQ2

wrist stretches
band shoulder series

I'm really liking this band shoulder series. I think I'll try doing it before and after every session and see if all the pops and clicks in my shoulders clear up.

A1. tri lat ext stretch - 15# x 3 x 20 sec
A2. back body line drill - 3 x 20 sec

After the band shoulder series, I could sink much deeper in the tri lat ext stretch, which felt really good, and I had a much easier time keeping my shoulders open during the back body line drill.

B1. double toe pull HS body line wall drill - 3 x 5

My shoulders were more open during these than usual, so it took me a while to figure out the new feeling of the HS, but when I did I was having some pretty solid ~5 sec holds with very minimal effort. My body line also looked really good during these. Something that is helping me get the feeling for the HS is trying to get the feeling of freestanding with my toes barely touching the wall, and then slowly pulling them away.

C1. HS heel pulls - 1 x 5

I think I might take these out for a while and just do the toe pulls, because these kinda screw up the whole body line feeling that I'm trying to ingrain with the rest of the exercises in my EQ sessions.

D1. double toe pull HS body line wall drill - 2 x 5

My body line feeling was a little screwed up after the HS heel pulls, but I still had one or two solid holds.

E1. prone overgrip dislocates / 3030 - 5# x 3 x 10

I taped some little pink dbs to a pvc stick for these, and then put my 1/2# micro plates in the middle. This won't be a permanent solution for weighting these but it'll work for now.

F1. wrist conditioning

G1. band shoulder series

Shoulders are feeling really good right now.


pm - OLY *weights back in kilos

squat mob w/ bands
band shoulder series
AM bar

A1. 3x1 clean + 1 hang clean + 3 front squats + 1 jerk
b x 1
40 x 1
45 x 1
50 x 1
55 x 3 x 1

These felt pretty good today regarding technique, but my left knee was a little buggy and I couldn't quite get comfortable in the hole. After my first set, a lifter there advised me to try widening my grip on the clean because I was pulling it really low off my thighs, so I did and it helped me keep the bar a lot closer. On the first rep the bar banged in my chest. It also made for a snappier turnover, and I think it will probably make the jerk a little easier. Speaking of, today was my first day doing jerks in a long time, but they were feeling really quick. I have always had the problem of letting my chest cave on the dip causing the bar to go forward a little, so I will be focused completely on that from now on when working on jerks until it is fixed.

b x 5
40 x 5
60 x 5
80 x 3
95 x 1
100 x 1
105 x 1 PR
107.5 x 1 PR
110.5 x 1 PR

These weren't feeling great today, and I still hit almost a 20# PR. On the warmup sets I was feeling very stiff and my left knee was still wonky, but it started feeling a little better as the weights increased. For the last set, I meant to just go 110, but I fucked up my math with the kilo plates...I'm not complaining though.

C1. Harop curl on GHD - bw x 3 x 5 w/ 5 sec ecc

These were really firing up my hamstrings today. I moved the foot support a lot closer to the knee pad, and it made them a lot harder, which is, I'm pretty sure, how they're supposed to be done. I got 2 reps unassisted the first set, and 1 rep unassisted on the second and third sets.

D1. foam roll
D2. super squat hip sequence

E1. band shoulder series

Since the Hatch squat cycle is basically over, some reflections: I think it was a good thing for me to run at this point in my lifting life, because it got me used to lots of squatting, front and back, every week. I feel like it probably helped condition my knees and hips and ankles to the high volume of work, which should help in the future when I will likely be doing a little less volume. It resulted in my squat going from 225# to 110.5 kilos, or 243.1#, for an 18# PR, which is really good for not going over 80% intensity on almost all squat workouts, but I feel like I could have added a lot more weight to the bar by working with less volume and heavier weights. One of the biggest problems that I had today going for the heavier weights was my form breaking down, which I didn't experience at all over the hatch program, and I think working at higher intensities for a while will help me keep my form when going for PRs better.

I think that the next step in my lifting will be a more bulgarian-esque type program, working to daily maxes in the snatch, clean and jerk, and either front or back squat. I think that the volume of the Hatch program will have adequately prepared me for a couple week run of this style lifting and should result in some more PRs. I also think this is a good time for me to start lifting for heavier weights in everything because I am at the good gym for a couple more weeks and definitely wont be able to go for maxes every day at the shitty other gym.
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