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Originally Posted by John Prink View Post
Hey folks,

I'm new to this board. I've been Olympic lifting on and off for over 30 years. Got into powerlifting for awhile which caused some major shoulder issues....big surprise there, right? I'm looking into training on the very simple Master's Oly training routine that Greg Everett wrote and which is posted on this site.

Anyway, my question is pretty simple: Knowing that I have some major flexibility issues from years of training the powerlifts, I had to switch from a squat style snatch to the old split style in order to get the bar overhead. My recovery from a squat style snatch is absolutely horrible, though I can still power snatch without any problems. The weird thing is that I can squat clean without too much trouble.

Anyone out there split style snatch and use the squat clean for the C&J?


Hi John
It’s good to hear that you’re back training on the olympic lifts again.

John,I think you’ll find that the split style snatch will work perfectly well with the squat clean and during the 1950/60’s this combination was actually used by a number of prominent American/International lifters including Dave Ashman,Gary Gubner,Louis Riecke and Russell Knipp along with the great Soviet heavyweight Yuri Vlasov – in fact,even the impeccable split stylist Norb Schemansky used the squat clean for a short period of time in the early 1960’s.

Are you intending to enter any Master’s contests at all,John?

My regards and best wishes from faraway New Zealand,
Ron Mann
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