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Hunter Laing
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Thu 10-17-13

am - BASa(d)

wrist stretches

A1. FG chins (chest to rings) / 31X1 - 3, 3, 3, 3
A2. RTO dips / 31X1 - 3, 3, 3, 3

Both of these felt good today. FG chins went really well, all done from deadhang. RTO dips felt the strongest today that they have the whole time I've been doing them. I was reading around on the gymnasticbodies forums and saw something about keeping SA contracted during RTO dips. I still dont have a good mind-muscle connection with my SA (I'm working on it) but I did my best to keep them contracted today and it seemed to really help; I felt much more stable in the bottom position and had an easier time keeping the rings turned out when pressing back up.

B1. db cuban rotation /5010 - 5#s x 2 x 10

These felt really good. I think I like these better than the seated db ext rot's.

C1. wrist conditioning

D1. band shoulder series


pm - OLY

foam roll
band shoulder series
band squat mob
AM bar

A1. Snatch
40 x 3 x 2
45 x 1
50 x 1
54 x 1
57 x 1
60 x 1
62 x 1
63 x 2 x m
63 x 1

So today, during warmups, I started focusing on loose arms throughout the pull, and it was pulling the bar into a much better position as the lighter weights, but as the weights got heavier I wasn't pulling the bar as far into my hips before exploding and I wasn't pulling myself under as fast. This is something that I'll start working on more: loose arms while still sweeping the bar with my back, and then, as soon as the bar moves past my hips, reengaging those arms to pull myself under faster.

Also, my low back was feeling very fatigued today, I think from squats on Tuesday, so I'm pretty happy to hit only a kilo under my PR today.

B1. Clean and Jerk
40 x 2+1
50 x 1
60 x 2 x 1
65 x 2 x 1
70 x 1
60 x 1
65 x 1
70 x 1
73 x 1 PR
75 x 2 x 1 PR

Cleans were easy today, as I didn't even make it within 10 kilos of my PR, but the jerks were really holding back the weight I could use. That being said, jerks felt good today, and I beat my old PR by 10# so I'm happy. I'm still pushing the weight forward, but today I tried widening my stance to see if that would help. It felt better, but because it made my catch in the split a little wider; I still pushed the bar forward. Cleans may have to be kept very light until I can fix my form on these jerks because I don't want shoulder issues coming from this like last time I tried to include jerks in my oly training.

60 x 2 x 5

D1. Front Squat
60 x 3

I thought I was gunna squat today, but I got under the bar and my left knee was feeling really sketchy, so I decided to lay off. I'll try again tomorrow. The knee felt better during the front squats than the back squats, but I didn't even notice it during the snatches and cleans.

E1. band shoulder series
E2. foam roll
E3. band squat mob
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