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Originally Posted by Hunter Laing View Post
I have a pair of Rogue Do Wins that I bought in 08 or 09, the ones with the 1.5" heel. Recently, I was looking at some of the newer lifting shoes that have come out, like the Romaleos and Adipowers, and they all have a heel height of .75". The new Do Wins also have a heel height of 3/4".

I was wondering if anyone knew why all the lifting shoe manufacturers seem to prefer a 3/4" heel to a 1.5" heel now.
It's not that much of a decrease. Most shoes have always had a 0.75" effective heel height, which means the height difference between the front of the shoe and the heel. So, if the front of the shoe has a thickness of 0.50", and the overall heel height is 1.25", then the effective heel height is 0.75".

There were some shoes that had an overall heel height of 1.33" and 1.5", and some still do, but most of them are 1.25" overall with an effective heel height of 0.75". You can modify the heel height with inserts, if you don't feel the 0.75" is enough.
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