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Hunter Laing
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Fri 10-18-13

pm - OLY

foam roll
band squat mob
band shoulder series
AM bar x 2

A1. Snatch
40 x 2 x 2
45 x 2 x 2
50 x 2 x 1
54 x m
54 x 1
57 x 1
60 x 2 x m

So I went on on Thursday and was really hungover Friday morning. I ended up skipped my EQ session, but I don't feel too bad about that because it was going to be a deload session anyway. I still wasn't feeling great by the time I got to the gym, and basically had to force myself to go when I'm usually excited to. I just wasn't feeling explosive today and couldn't focus enough on my technique. After the second miss at 60 I gave up and moved onto clean and jerks.

B1. clean and jerk
60 x 2 x 2
65 x 3 x 1
68 x 1
70 x 1
72 x 1
60 x 3 x 1+2

Tweaked my left knee during one of the lighter cleans, and another lifter noticed and gave me a knee wrap to try out for the day. I liked it, and it mde my left knee feel more stable. I am going to try to pick up some ace bandages to wrap it up before my next session. He also helped me fix my jerk starting position, with my elbows facing more downward and the bar resting on my clavicle more than on my delts. It was uncomfortable at first but I was driving the bar much straighter up and less out forward. After hitting a really ugly jerk at 72, I decided to drop down to 60 for some cleans + 2 jerks to work on that jerk starting position more.

C1. Squat
b x 10
40 x 10
60 x 5 x 10

Had my knee wrapped up for these as well, and it made a huge difference in the way the squat felt. I actually felt my leg muscles working to get the weight up. I will probably do some high rep squats for a while just to get used to the feeling of my leg muscles actually working, because I haven't ever really felt my legs burning after sets of squats.

So today sucked a lot for the lifts, but the feeling I got during the squats kinda made up for it. When alls said and done, I'm just glad that I got my ass to the gym while feeling so shitty, and after I left I felt great.
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