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Default Hip cleaning (yep I went there) - critique please

For the last three weeks or so I have been experimenting with hip cleaning.

To make a long story short, while I know this isn't the most conventional way to clean, I feel like weightlifting is similar to poetry or learn the rules first so you can break them later.

Anyway, this c&j is from a warm up during my last session. As far as lifts were concerned this was the first time I felt comfortable with hip cleaning and while I unfortunately didn't get it on video, my working sets went well and I finally heard the "crack" of the bar hitting my hips.

If anyone needs a point of reference I included a video from cal strength on hip cleaning. My arm bend may be a little early (like a bent over row clean :/ ), but I do have to admit cleans have never felt more effortless though I am still working on the dynamic start, and re-sequencing timing with getting under the bar has bit of a pain in the butt (the bar gets so high that I was initially getting under it too quick, allowing the bar to crash down on to my throat during the turn over, not fun).

What interests me in addition to anyone's thoughts on sequencing is in regards to the foot work. If you watch closely you'll see that I only move my right foot to get to the catch. I've seen plenty of lifters do this with power snatches or power cleans but I am wondering if this more efficient (since it is technically less movement) or less efficient because it is "one sided" ..any thoughts?

I know Greg's wife Aimee cleans very similarly in addition to many other lifters, and she is a phenomenal lifter. Any thoughts, critiques, comparisons are welcomed. Please let me know what you think.

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