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Default Programming help

Started the 12 week complete 13 weeks ago when I left for deployment and have become pretty obbsessed with oly lifting now.

I started with a shitty 155 crossfit snatch and hit 190 a few weeks ago
I had a 175 Clean and jerk and now at 210.

My main problem right now is strength I pr'd my front squat and Clean and jerk on my PR clean. My front squat is 210 (maybe 215 but I built up to 205 on the "heavy" front squat workout and the was challenging and slow) my back squat is 255.

I started the 5 week front squat cycle this week and want to go into the 9 week strength by feel cycle after that since it says its good for lifters with undeveloped core lifts. Is this a good plan?

Also is it ok for me to be essentially maxing my front squat ever saturday or should I do more of a wave like 85,90,95 85,90,95% off my current max?

Thanks for the help
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