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I'm not completely against an intentional, early arm bend in the clean. You have long arms too so it may work out for you. People that are successful using this method have to have some strong arms though. As that weight get's heavier and heavier, it's going to be harder and harder to maintain this technique.

I wouldn't recommend only moving one foot as you transition to receive the bar. That's more than likely to cause a lateral shift. You may not notice it with the lighter weights but I feel like this would cause problems at higher percentages. I feel like everything should be symmetrical (excluding the split style variations).

On the dynamic start, I would recommend starting with your arms straight before using your legs to push through the floor to lift the weight. Seems like you're jerking the weight up off of the floor because of the slack in your arm. It's just very easy to throw off your body position and weight distribution when doing that.
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