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Andrew Kerwin
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Thanks Blake. Those are all really solid points. It has been an adjustment to say the least. And there was a point where I was questioning it because of the arm /back strength required for it but after the session this video is from I am confident in my ability to refine it more, even with heavier weights.

I totally understand what you're saying about the footwork and will do my best to fix it. I have some drills in mind that I can use to ram it into my head, but anything you can recommend I will definitely give a shot.

The dynamic start is definitely going to take the longest for me to refine. I've tried many times to find a position to keep my arms straight in before I pop out of the gate so to speak. The only thing that came close was not actually doing it at all be consequently I couldn't find the right hip placement in relation to the shoulders over the bar and I never felt as explosive lifting that way. Really gonna scratch my head on this one for awhile.
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