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Hunter Laing
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am - SASb1

wrist stretches

A1. weighted tri lat ext stretch - 15# x 3 x 20 sec
A2. toe pull HS drill - 3 x 5

Wasn't feeling the toe pulls nearly as well today as I was yesterday, but I think its probably because my shoulders are pretty fatigued.

B1. lower to adv tuck front lever hold - 5 x 15 sec
B2. planche lean - 5 x 15 sec

Front levers felt pretty good, but the longer hold times meant that I could untuck as much as I was during the 7 sec holds from the MUi cycle. Planche leans felt pretty good too, although they make my left shoulder feel a little iffy. I like em though, because I can focus a lot more on the feeling of pushing into the ground with my entire shoulder girdle.

C1. lower through BL to GH pull - 5sec BL/5sec GH x 3 x 3
C2. RTO support - 3 x 15 sec

Makes my elbows feel goooood.

D1. Lu raises - 5# x 5 x 10

I'm calling these Lu raises because I first saw Lu Xiaojun doing them in a video on youtube. The chinese apparently love them for shoulder health so I thought I'd give em a try.

E1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

foam roll
band squat mob
band shoulder series
AM bar

A1. squat
40 x 2 x 10
60 x 10
70 x 4 x 10

I tried to squat without the knee wrap on my left leg, but on maybe the 6th rep of the first set I felt the tweak come back, so I wrapped it up for the remaining sets. I still felt a little knee twinge on one of the sets at 70, so I have to remember that the wrap isn't a magical fix and that I still need to focus on keeping my left leg in a good position.

B1. hang snatch
30 x 4
35 x 4
40 x 4 x 4

My low back was shot during these, but I was actually sweeping the bar really well and getting under it quickly.

C1. hang clean and jerk
40 x 3
50 x 3
60 x 2 x 3

Low back was finished at this point, but these reps were also pretty quick, although the jerks were getting slow by the end.

D1. foam roll
D2. low back stretches
D3. band shoulder series
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