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So it doesn't really look like your issue is staying back more. There are a couple other issues I see:

1. The main priority is to just be more aggressive on the extension. It's a violent drive up with the legs to a full extension of the body.

2. You need to change directions faster. Immediately after the extension you should be pulling yourself straight down underneath the bar. You are "hanging" in the air too long. Some exercises to help this would be Tall Snatches/Dip Snatches/and maybe snatching from the high blocks (if your facility has blocks to pull from).

3. It looks like you're actively locking your arms out when you're pulling. You want your arms to be straight but only because you're NOT bending them. So keep them loose during the first and second pull then you can actively pull under for the third pull. This also may be why the bar feels like it's bumping out a little bit instead of having a more vertical bar path. Maybe try some Snatch High Pulls to work this portion.

By the way, what facility is that?
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