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Default Catalyst and Pendlay Snatch differences?

I would imagine that this question has been asked and answered several times before, but I´ve searched without really finding the answer, so I decided to ask anyway.
If I´m not mistaken Catalyst Athletics (and Burgener?), teaches the snatch a bit differently from Pendlay? Or vice versa if you prefer....
However, I´m a bit unsure about exactly where these differences lie. I´ve gotten the impression that even though you prefer one of the methods you can still learn from and to some degree utilize the other? I get this from some people that clearly seem to employ one technique but still seem to get pointers from the other?
So if someone would be so kind and tell me if I´m way off in my assumptions, and perhaps explain the differences in detail?
As I seem to be rambling more than usual tonight, I´ll try to summarize................
What are the differences between a "Pendlay snatch" and a "Catalyst snatch" and can I use pointers from one method even though I utilize the other?
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