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Hunter Laing
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Mon 10-28-13

am - SASa(d)

wrist stretches

A1. back body line drill - 1 x 15 sec
A2. toe pull HS wall drill - 1 x 5

Wasn't feeling these again today, and I think there are a couple reasons why. First, I have my hands a little too far from the wall, and therefore too much weight on the heels of my hand as opposed to the fingers, and second, I had my knees bent slightly, so they pulled me towards the wall, also putting more weight on the heels of my hands.

B1. band assisted tuck planche hold - red x 2 x 12 sec
B2. arch scap hang - 2 x 3 w/ 4 sec holds

Tuck planche felt strong today. I went back to having my hands slightly turned out instead of slightly in. I think having them slightly in was leading to too much internal rotation on my left side, causing a little bit of discomfort. Arch scap hangs were fine, although my arms were slightly bent on some reps, which is no bueno.

C1. supinated german hang - 1 x 15 sec
C2. RTO support - 1 x 15 sec

Changing things up a little with the german hangs. I wanted something that wouldn't stress my elbows as much as the BL GH pulls, but something that would stress them more than regular german hangs. I'll play with this for a while, and then probably move on to doing them on rings.

D1. prone overgrip dislocate - 5# x 2 x 10

E1. wrist conditioning


pm - OLY

foam roll
band squat mob

A1. snatch off blocks (above knee)
30 x 2 x 3
40 x 3
44 x 3
47 x 3
50 x 5 x 3

So my left shoulder was still bothering me a little going into these, but it got better as the sets went on and I stopped noticing it. I also felt like today I was finally doing real snatches and actually dropping under them into a full squat. I was also doing a good job sweeping the bar into my hip, and was pulling with the knees forced out a little for a more upright torso.

B1. 4x4 snatch pull to hip
40 x 4
50 x 4
60 x 4
70 x 4 x 4

These were feeling good too. I was sweeping the bar to the hip really well and popping my hips well too. Used the knees out pull and it was feeling really good.

C1. 4x7/13 FS/BS @ 65% of FS mas
b x 2 x 5/10
40 x 5/7
50 x shit

At 50 I started feeling my left knee again, so I wrapped it up, but still felt it wrapped, so I called it a day.

D1. foam roll
D2. couch stretch
D3. band shoulder series

I'm fucking pissed off today, despite the snatches feeling really good. This olympic lifting is starting to beat up my body a lot. My left shoulder is pretty much constantly aggravated, as I can't squat more than I snatch without my left knee feeling like its about to pop out of the socket. I have to back off the lifts for a while and do a lot of mobility work, because I'm sick of feeling injured.
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