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In the interest of consistency, unless you are genetically built for it (long torso, short arms - the later of which I do not all) it's probably not a good idea. You really need a strong upper back to do perform well with it. I kept finding that I was getting impingement of the delts and rhomboids. Which in turn severely effected my jerk and even achieveing a good front rack. During high volume reps (I.E. Max c&j) it is easy to exhaust those muscles quickly. I Returned to conventional style cleaning for the "drop" portion of my workout and I did actually see a slight improvement in getting the bar more toward the hips anyway instead of high thigh. So I think it helped a little in some ways to learn it but I wouldn't use it unless I felt strong with it during a session in only going for a pr clean. Conventional cleaning was like returning home after a long vacation and I'm happy to be back.
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