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Default New Lifter, Snatch Critique

Hello, everyone. Here's another Crossfitter that has fallen in love with the O-lifts, particularly the snatch. Apart from the O-lifting introduction I got in my CrossFit on-ramp course, I'm self-taught, practicing the lifts in my garage a few times per week for the past month or so. My primary reference is Mr. Everett's book (Olympic Lifting, A Complete Guide for Athlete's and Coaches) and the accompanying DVD; they are first rate materials and I think they have helped my lifts immensely.

Anyway, here is a video of what I thought were my three best snatches from today's session. I'd really appreciate any critique, advice, etc.

PS, I'm blown away by Catalyst and all they do. The book, the articles, the daily video of the training, the upcoming documentary, this forum, the recent Barbell Shrugged and Weightlifting Talk interviews, etc., etc. I just found out about Performance Menu too; my only hesitation to subscribing is that I'll get absolutely NOTHING done at work if I have that treasure trove of material to peruse... THANKS!
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