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Nico Corea
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Thank you very much for your critique, Blake!

Yes, the aggressiveness of my hip extension is one of the things I've been trying to improve (others have mentioned it, too). But something you wrote made it occur to me that I may not exactly understand what that means. Before I thought it meant driving my pelvis further forward and up under the bar, sort of like undercutting the bar with my pelvis. But you wrote to keep the bar close and drive aggressively up with the legs. That makes me think I need to focus more on leg extension. Is this two different things? I'd appreciate any clarification you may be able to offer.

You didn't mention anything about early arm bend, which is great, because that's been a big problem of mine and I've been working hard to correct it. I think I did pretty good on that respect in the first 2 snatches, but I do see a hint of it in the third snatch.

I'll definitely start holding the bottom position longer, that makes good sense.

Thanks again, and keep up all the incredible stuff you folks do for this sport!
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