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Default Triathlete who wants to lift

I compete in Olympic and sprint triathlons in the warmer months, but I want to return to weightlifting for strength and power as well. I want to do both. And I know that it is very difficult to do so. I'm not concerned with gaining 100% of the benefits of either strength or endurance training - I'm willing to compromise on one to include the other.

My reason for typing this post is to solicit advice. In general, here is my workout sequence for the "offseason": Saturday and/or Sunday, I do 5K runs or 1 hour bike rides. On Monday, I usually rest, but sometimes do a bodyweight strength workout. On Tuesday, I lift heavily, doing squats, bench, and some subsidiary leg work (barbell lunges etc.) and I also do a 1K swim and a few long sprints (400m and 200m, up to one mile total). On Wednesday, I row and run, doing a 5K in one or the other and a medium distance "sprint" in the other - for example, I may row a 5K and then run a mile time trial. Alternately, I may do a CF-style metcon that incorporates rowing and/or running. On Thursday, I rest. On Friday, I lift again, doing deadlifts, overhead presses, and rows along with subsidiary stuff (maybe an incline press). I also swim again, generally doing a 500m time trial and 5 or 6 50 and/or 100yd sprints. My current weight facility (a University gym) does not permit Oly lifting, but I plan on being at a new school next August and would like to bring it back in.

What I would like to do is two-fold. First, I want to expand my weightlifting to three days a week while maintaining my cardio work. Second, I want to be able to continue heavy lifting once the offseason ends and I begin really gearing up for a triathlon.

Does anyone have any programming suggestions? Can anyone speak from previous experience in trying to balance these crazy contradictions?

Thanks to any who take the time to read this much-too-long post. Thanks especially to those who post something.
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