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Thanks Greg. He hasn't changed his grip recently. He did a PR of 80 kilos about three weeks ago and was increasing his training weight, but he was having some pain before that time, just not like it is now. I don't think it's a flexability issue, but I noticed yesterday that he's trying to hold a neutral grip with the right hand in anticipation of it hurting. He said he can't manipulate the hand/wrist in a way to replicate the position that his hand is in when it hurts during the snatch. We're using ice and heat after workouts and Mom is a massage therapist, so he's getting a hand massage as well. He's going to the American Open in about 4 weeks, so were trying to get him in the best condition (hand wise) as we can before the meet. I just know her very frustrated. We'll keep working at it. Any further suggestions are appreciated. Thanks again.
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