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Default 1st Oly Meet Critique

Hey everybody I was in the 85kg class and weighed in at 82.7kg. I went 4/6 with 80, 85, 91X & 106, 111, 118X (made clean missed jerk). I've embedded the videos below.







Based on my own analysis and talking to a couple of experienced lifters, it seems that my bar path is bowing out a bit too far from my body, thus forcing me to move forward for the catch. This has been a problem for a while that I have worked hard to gradually improve, although not perfect yet, it is better. Next I have noticed that the front foot on my jerk always seems a little short, and 118kg was definitely plenty high for a lockout if I could just find a more stable foot position and weight distribution with the split. This brings me to my next thought: if I am just not that comfortable with a split jerk, should I work on learning a squat jerk? Is that crazy for me to think about that? If I were to do a squat jerk I'm assuming I would also have to widen my grip? Anyway please give me any tips and form critique that you can and I thank you in advance for your help.

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