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Default Troy Appleton Training Log

Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum for quite a while, but am a new member. I currently train in Saskatoon, Canada with a club of about 6 lifters. My current bests are 110/145 in competition and 115/150 in training (both at 85kg). My goals are to qualify for the World University Games (need a 278 total), to medal at Western Canadians and to finish top 8 at Nationals.

I am just coming back from a wrist injury (Only able to do pulls and squats for the past 8 weeks). I have been back training for about 3 weeks, and have a competition on saturday. The goal is to hit the qualifying total for Nationals with my opener on the clean and jerk and then call it a day (need a 245kg total).

You can read about my past few weeks of training at

Anyways, here is todays training!

50x2/3, 60x1/2, 70x1, 80x1, 85x1, 90x1

Clean and Jerk
50x2, 70x2, 90x1, 110x1, 120x1

Front Squat

The goal today was to hit 85% of openers (planned openers are 105/140). Everything felt pretty light and fast. Next session is Thursday. Will likely work up to 75% of openers for a few singles, then a few front squats.
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