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Default Programming for shift work and equipment restrictions - Alaskan Style

Looking for any advice I can get. Sorry in advance for the long post.

I recently started shift work. I work 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off on a drilling rig on the North Slope of Alaska (Prudhoe Bay). As I write this it is a balmy November evening... -5 degF. I have come to a bit of a standstill with training recently, and not sure how I should approach my situation.
- 2 weeks on: I work either midnight to noon, or noon to midnight. The latter is preferable but I have no say in the matter. I work on a rig, but sleep in a rig camp. The gym I have immediate (in camp) access to has a treadmill and a bowflex style cable machine. The gym I can drive to is at another camp about 20 minutes away, only open from 6-10am and 6-10pm, has limited equipment (see below), and driving is dependent on vehicle availability or weather/road conditions. If I sleep for 6 hours I can usually squeeze in 60-90 minutes of gym time.
Equipment: the larger gym has all the equipment you would typically see at a golds. Lots of metal plates, a few bars, a plethora of dumbbells, a few kettlbells, and some machines. There is nothing weightlifting specific so this means no bumpers, platforms, jerkblocks, etc... Basically I cant drop the weights because I will get tossed (people are sleeping in this camp at all hours)
Training up here: Provided that I can make it to the gym. I can squat, deadlift/pull, press, bench, etc. all I want...and heavy. Cleans, snatches and jerks have to be lighter to ensure I dont fail.
Nutrition: They feed us well

- 2 weeks off: assume no restrictions to equipment, sleep, nutrition, etc.

I need your help
-Should I just attack a Catalyst training cycle like I have in the past and moderate for the 2 weeks I am working?
-If so should I add in reps and sets to equal the volume as written (to account for the lighter weight?) Or just add in accessory work with dumbbells/bodybuilding stuff
-When it calls for higher percentages on the Olympic movements is this a good time to back off and work on form or will this be a severe detriment to the cycle?
- Should I be doing anything in the weeks I have off work to make up for the weeks where volume in the Olympic movements will decrease?
- I have some serious form issues to clean up on my snatch and my jerk is abysmal. This could be a good time to do so with lighter weight.

I know this was long, however I greatly appreciate your input.

Noel Nocas
Drilling Engineer - BP Alaska
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