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Yesterday was the meet. I went 4/6 ending with a 110 snatch and a 140 clean and jerk.

I was pretty nervous going in. Ive only snatched 105 and jerked 140 once in the last 3 months. I've hit a 90kg snatch and a 120 jerk about three times, so I wasn't super confident in hitting the weights I needed to qualify for nationals. That being said, I spent a lot of time doing mental prep for the meet. I had been through the competition dozens of times in my head, which I think really helped.

The warm up went well. My coach did an amazing job timing both myself and my teammates warm ups. Made every lift in the back with ease, and opened at the planned 105 which was an easy lift (video will follow. still uploading to the youtubes). I went 110 next, and made that. I got a bit twisted on this lift. After seeing the video I was a bit surprised I held onto it, but at the time it actually felt pretty easy. This was the first time I've made 110 on the first try in a meet. I took 115 next, which in hindsight was probably a bit ambitious. I've only hit this weight once in training, and I was in outstanding shape at the time. I didnt quite have enough pull to get tight underneath it, and missed it out in front.

The Clean and Jerk has always been my better lift. I was planning on opening 140, but with the 110 snatch I only needed 135 to qualify for nationals. We played it safe and dropped my opener. However the warmups got mis-timed and they called for me when I was doing my last warmup at 130. We changed the opener to 136 to give me a couple more minutes (2 other attempted 135), and I made it pretty easily. We called for 140 next which was a tough clean and I lost the jerk out front. I repeated 140 and made it the second time.

So, the ever important question. What did we learn?

- My coach is a CHAMP! I cant imagine competing without this guy.
- Im qualified for nationals after the first qualifying meet.... so thats pretty cool. 5 months of no weight cutting or peaking.
- Mental prep works. I will definitely be putting more focus into this in the future

- My snatch needs work. My bottom position is improving, but I am still twisting a bit, which is a problem.
- My cleans were garbage. My best double is 140 and both reps hard better for than they did this weekend. Maybe it was fatigue, or being sick, or cutting weight, but it's still unacceptable. On the day it matters, it's gotta be perfect. I need to make sure my pull is straight and I catch tight EVERY TIME.
- The jerk was sloppy. Back knee locked, recovering back foot first. This needs work. However, I am finally landing on the ball of my back foot instead of letting the heel fall which is awesome.

Now what?
Back to training. Only 5 months to nationals and I want a 280 total. 120/160 is definitely in reach. There are some problems that need to be fixed and drilled with many reps. So we'll likely stay primarily with triples and jerking at the end of workouts to perfect technique under fatigue. Thats all for now. Ill post video soon.
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