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Well you're a pretty solid lifter. It's tough to see everything from this angle but you look just a bit forward on most all of your lifts.

The first pull looks great (on both Snatch/C&J). It looks like you could open up just a tad more on some of the lifts. Also, try to pull under with your chest up; although I understand these are heavy percentages so minor faults in technique will happen.

The thing that sticks out is the Jerk. Your back foot is flat and the toe is pointed out. Keep your back knee soft as you stabilize in the split. This should naturally bring you to the ball of the foot with a bend in the knee (as much as needed to absorb the weight with your hips straight down). Try to keep a little more weight on the back foot as well with the toe pointed slightly in or even straight ahead.

I suggest doing some Split Push Presses (0:46 of this video - so you can get used to balancing out that weight distribution.
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