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Troy Appleton
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November 18/2013

40x2/3, 50x2/2, 60x2/3, 70x2/2, 75x2/3

Snatch Pull
80x3/3, 90x3/3

Push Press from Behind Neck in Split
40x3/2, 50x3/2

Pause Back Squat
60x3, 80x3, 100x3, 110x3, 120x3x3

Grip Work
CoC Trainer x10/3

Today was pretty light. First day back after the competition. All the reps felt crisp and light. I'm really excited about getting back to training now that qualification for nationals is out of the way. We have 26 weeks until that meet, so a lot of work to do! Im really excited to improve my technique and increase my strength and work capacity. Snatches today were all pretty close to perfect, and I plan on really ensuring that technique is prioritized over weight. Looking forward to a big year!
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