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I don't think it is an either/or situation. I personally don't know any weightlifting clubs where lifters are just doing snatches and clean and jerks. Strength programming is part of every serious weightlifting program. Our lifters squat daily, and most pull daily as well. So, for new lifters, it is not uncommon for their strength and weightlifting numbers to both go up dramatically in the first several months of training.

Our typical workout would look like:
Snatch or C&J
Snatch or Clean Pull or RDL

Genearlly, lifters who have more than 2 hours to train would get through both snatch and clean and jerk in one session, and lifters who have less than 2 hours to train will just alternate each workout. Squats alone will take 45 minutes to maybe 1.5 hours depending on the lifter and the cycle.

Brand new lifters spend the first 3-6 weeks on snatches and squats, and then we add pulls and bodybuilding after the first few weeks.

As an aside, I would try to get rid of the notion of "linear progression" in your mind. It doesn't really work that way in strength training, and it's not going to work that way in weightlifting. Feeling like you should be progressing linearly will only lead to unnecessary frustration and unrealistic expectations.
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