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Default Help with squat

Hey there,

This is a client of mine who has been struggling for years with knees caving in on squats. I started working with her about 8 months ago and we've put about 35# on her max, but we have not been able to address the valgus knee problem you see in the video before - in fact, I'm afraid that in spite of things we have tried things have become worse (this was a particularly bad set which is why I'm posting it!). I've worked with at least a hundred other athletes through this problem with success, but with this person we haven't made any progress. I've tried everything I can think of to correct the problem including:

- ankle mobility
- glute activation exercises
- monster walks
- squats with bands around knees
- a light squat cycle at tempo focused on knees out
- several sessions readdressing squat setup

All, unfortunately, to no avail. I'm just wondering, if this athlete presented at your gym, what steps would you go through to help her clean up her form and press on to new strength limits.

The problem begins to present itself at about 80% intensity or under fatigue (around 8-10 rep mark, especially in later sets) with moderate weights.

Current max of 170# at 145# bwt.

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