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Hunter Laing
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Mon 11-25-13

am - BAS1

wrist stretches

A1. ring chins / 31x1 - 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, 3
A2. DFD pushups / 31x1 - 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4

Feeling pretty weak today, but I expected that. Ring chins went ok, but I was having some trouble retracting and depressing to initiate the movement, especially on my left side. One thing I need to remember when doing my chins is to pull my elbows down in front of my body and not to the sides. I feel my lats better when I pull to the front and have more control at the top of the movement. DFD pushups were feeling good, and I started putting most of my weight over my hands instead of my feet. I also put some thin wood boards under my hands so I can grip harder than I can on carpet, and I put a thicker board under my feet, both to increase the angle slightly and too makes sure I was keeping the distance between my hands and feet constant throughout the sets.

B1. muscle up / 10 min for max singles - 1, 1, f, f, f

So, the first muscle up I did today was extremely slow, which is good because I haven't really done a solid slow MU before. But the next one was slower, and much uglier, and after that I didn't feel like I was executing the technique right. Next BAS session I'll be doing slow ecc MU to try and build some strength through the transition.

C1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 4 x 10 each arm

I was going to do 5x10, but I think my external rotators tired out a little too much for that, because I felt them working hard through the first three sets, but didn't feel them in the fourth set on either side and felt it more in my anterior shoulder area, so I called it quits.

D1. tuck 90-90 iso chin hang - 3 x 20 sec

These felt good, and I was shaking by the end of all 3 sets. I focused on the retraction and depression of my shoulders and on using my lats to hold me in the position.


pm - EQ1/BAS2

wrist stretches

The straddle warmup I did today, and will probably do for a while, started with weighted butterfly's for 10, then straddle circles for 10 reps each direction, and ended with elevated weighted pancake good mornings.

A1. back body line drill - 3 x 20 sec
A2. active pigeon stretch - 3 x 5 each side

B1. front body line drill - 3 x 10 sec
B2. one leg good morning - 3 x 5 each side

C1. HS body line wall drill - 3 x 15 sec
C2. shinbox hip lift - 3 x 5 each side

I started using a wood board under my hands on these, like with the DFD pushups this morning, and I feel like it made my body line a lot better. I'm sure it will make my off the wall holds better when I get back to em.

D1. elevated bridge hold - 3 x 15 sec
D2. elevated straddle up - 3 x 5

Focused on getting my shoulders above my hands on the bridges. I did the straddle ups off of this table box thing in my basement, but I need something lower for next time.

E1. seated muscle up - 15 x 1 every 1:30

It felt really good to get all 15 reps on this, as I thought that I was maybe losing my MU ability after the last two sessions. I need to strengthen up my wrists a little after so much time off; they were a little uncomfortable in the FG today.

F1. band retraction - p90x red x 4 x 10

I decided to add these to my BAS days since I've been having some trouble retracting and depressing.

G1. wrist conditioning
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