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Hunter Laing
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Wed 11-27-13

am - SASa1

wrist stretches

A1. wall assisted half press HS - straddle x 4 x 3, tuck x 1 x 3
A2. lower to adv tuck FL hold - 5 x 15 sec

So the press HS work went really well for the first couple sets. I was getting my legs below parallel with the ground and was pushing through my shoulders well. On the third set I started to feel my scap strength give a little, and on the fourth set, on the last rep, I think I hit complete scapular failure on the left side and ended up falling trying to press back up so I went to tuck for the last set.

FL wasn't feeling so hot today. I didn't feel like I had good scap position and I was holding all the sets slightly above parallel. I started on the rings for the first 4 sets, but moved to the bar for the 5th, and I like the bar better for now.

B1. planche lean - 5 x 15 sec
B2. k2e - 5 x 10

Planche leans were ok today. My main focus was on keeping protracted and on keeping my elbow pits pointed as far forward as possible, but I struggled with that a lot on my left side. I tried a bunch of different hand placements: hands forward, sideways, in between, and on dumbbells, and I think I'm going to make some parallettes this week and try using that next time.

K2E were pretty easy. I kept my shoulders active the whole time and it made the move a lot easier.

C1. YTWL's - 2#s x 5 x 5
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