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Hunter Laing
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Mon 12-2-13

am - EQ/BASa1

wrist stretches

A1. back body line drill - 2 x 20 sec
A2. active pigeon stretch - 2 x 5 each side

Back body line drills felt good today. I think I've been rounding my shoulders slightly while trying to get hollow, which I didn't do today, and I achieved a much straighter body line. Pigeons are getting a lot more comfortable on both sides.

B1. front body line drill - 2 x 15 sec
B2. one leg GM - 2 x 5 each side

Front body lines were ok today, but one leg GMs were feeling pretty good. I think I only lost my balance once on each side.

C1. HS body line wall drill - 3 x 15 sec
C2. shinbox hip raise - 3 x 5 each side

HS body lines looked really good today. I just need to get my hands slightly closer to the wall so I feel the pressure more on my fingers than my palms. Shinbox raises are a little awkward with my right leg forward, but were feeling better by the third set.

D1. elevated back bridge hold - 3 x 15 sec
D2. elevated straddle up - 3 x 5

Back bridges felt good today. I felt very little pressure on my lower back, although I felt some in my mid and upper back as I tried to get my shoulders to stack over my hands. Straddle ups felt good today, and I lowered to using a guitar case instead of the coffee table. I'll be doing em off the ground soon enough!

E1. seated MU - 1 rep w/ slow ecc every 1:30 x 15

These were ok today. It's been a while and the skin on my wrists has been deconditioned slightly, so I have some tears on both wrists. The ecc MU transitions felt great today. This is the first time I have ever felt like I have had real control over how slow I go from over the rings to under them. I'll be taking :10 off next time I do these.

F1. seated db ext rot - 5# x 5 x 10 each side

Got all 5 sets in today, although the ending sets I felt more in my shoulders than I usually do.


pm - BASb2

wrist stretches

A1. ground row / 30x0 - 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5
A2. DFD pushup / 31x0 - 6, 6, 5, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 6, 4

Ground rows were pretty good. Focused on hard retraction and depression, but also on making a more seamless transition to the actual row instead of setting scaps for a moment and then pulling. I also worked on pulling as hard and as explosively as possible. DFD pushups went ok. As with the rows, I started trying to push as explosively as possible on these reps. It made some sets easier, but I was also getting slightly out of the position that I wanted to be in.

B1. MU transition ecc from bottom of dip + FG chin dcc / 4000 + 4000 - 5 x 2

These were feeling pretty good. The ecc MU transitions were pretty strong, and I was controlling them well. I actually felt these most in my palms, which are torn up and a little bruised right now, so I think I will have even better control once my hands adapt to MU work again.

C1. band retraction - red cord x 5 x 10

Makes my shoulders feel goooood.

D1. wrist conditioning

E1. tuck 90-90 iso chin hang - 3 x 20 sec

This was getting tough by the end. I was focused on keeping my scape retraction and depressed and on keeping my knees at parallel.

It felt really good today to finally eat right and get in both sessions I had planned. Hopefully I'll be back on this schedule for a good while.
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