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Hunter Laing
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Wed 12-4-13

am - SASa1

wrist stretches

This straddle warmup is working pretty well, as I'm actually seeing a lot of improvement already in my straddle/pancake flexibility.

A1. wall assisted half straddle press HS - 5 x 3
A2. adv tuck FL hold - 5 x 15 sec

The straddle HS press work went really well today. I got my legs to parallel with the ground on every rep, and I didn't lose my scapular control on any reps. One thing I need to work on is lowering my legs evenly, because my left leg goes down a little farther than my right. FL work was meh, didn't feel great but didn't feel bad either.

B1. planche lean - 5 x 12 sec
B2. k2e - 5 x 10

Planche leans felt pretty good today. I used planks of wood under my hands and turned my hands sideways, and I feel like that really helped me achieve a better position. My protraction was very strong, although on later sets I started piking at the hips.

C1. YTWLs - 5 x 5


pm - SASb2

wrist stretches

A1. rto support - 6 x 15 sec
A2. arch scap pull - 6 x 8

Accidentally did 6 sets...

B1. bent leg straddle L hold - 4 x 15 sec
B2. skin the cat - 4 x 3

C1. wall HS trap 3 press - 4 x 5

D1. wrist conditioning
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