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Default Day 3: Giving into temptation

Bodyweight was 145 this morning

Front Squat - 80% x 1
115x5 135x4 155x3 170x1 These felt pretty easy today.

Clean & Jerk - heavy single; 80% (of hs) x 2+1 x 3
This was pretty broken up because one of my friends was over to train and I had to stay relatively light so we could work on his form (equipment constraints) so I worked up to 135 when he was here. Then I gave into the temptation of getting my heartrate up so I went for a fast paced 3-4 mile bike ride. I had some pent up energy that I wanted to get rid of. Came back an hour and a half later and hit:
115, 125, 135, 145, 155 (my arms were a little soft at the top so I called that my heavy single for the day), then 125x2+1x3
Notes: I need to work on the consistency of my foot placement on the jerk. I held the jerks over my head for about 3 seconds before dropping so that I could get more comfortable with externally rotating at the top. The bike ride might have hurt me a little bit for today's training, but I felt like I needed it mentally so I don't have any regrets. Plus it was 45 degrees out and we don't get many of those nice days in december in upstate ny.

Segment Clean Pull (knee) + Clean Pull - 90% (of clean) x 1+2 x 4
I haven't tested my clean in a while so I just worked up to something that felt pretty challenging but still allowed good form.
165x1+2, 175x1+2x4
This was the end of this session, then I came back a couple hours later to finish up. Had a meal in between the sessions. This was the first workout that I decided would be better split up into two and I'm guessing that's how the majority of the rest of the program will be.

Back Squat - 90% x 1
135x5 165x5 185x2 195x1 205x1 (got a little stuck through the middle, but I got it. it felt nice to lift something over 200 pounds)

Pause Back Squat - 70% (of squat) x 3 x 3

Good Morning - 3x5 (little heavier than Monday)

Mobility work today mainly focused on hips and shoulders. I'm happy with today's training sessions. Lot's of things went well and although I still have a very long way to go, this day was a glimpse of what it was like to feel strong. More than anything though, I'm feeling an enthusiasm towards training that I haven't felt all year. I feel like I'm a noob all over again and that's actually a pretty fun feeling. There's one thing that noobs have in abundance and that is enthusiasm and passion, so if I'm getting that back I'm pretty happy about that. Oh and consistently working out is starting to bring out my hyperness (that's not really a word) and energy again which is also fun haha

Question: My upper back is a bit weak, should I do additional back work like pullups and rows at the end of a workout once or twice a week? And is 3 days of ab work enough (I've been slacking on that...)?
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