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Default Day 4:

week 0, day 4
Forgot to weigh myself this morning.

Back Squat - 80% x 1
135x8 155x6 175x3 185x1
Notes: I experimented with both actively forcing my knees out and with my knees tracking over the toes and felt better when I was forcing my knees out. I think that's primarily because my legs are so awkwardly long that when I let them track over my toes they get a lot of strain. Forcing them out allows me to keep them more vertical and to use my hips a bit more. That being said tracking over the toes definitely felt like a faster squat.

Power Snatch - 75% x 2 x 5
Same sn. warm up as usual, then 95x2, 115x2x5

Mid-Hang Clean - 70% x 2 x 5
115x2, 135x2x5

Push Press - 3x5
95x5 95x5 (failed at 4th rep, lowered weight to 75 and finished up using that) 75x5
Notes: Went heavier than I should have on these.

Front Squat - heavy single; 75% (of hs) x 3 x 3
135x3 155x2 165x1 125x3x3
That was, in recent recollection, the hardest 125x3 has ever felt.

My biggest victory today was that I finally hit my calorie goal. This month's nutrition goal is to just hit my calorie goal everyday. I didn't eat super clean today, but I'm also not used to eating this much so once I become more accustomed to not eating like a 15 year old girl I'll clean up my diet. Baby steps, right now I just need to pound those calories. I somehow ended up at 41% carbs, 30% fat, and 29% protein so hopefully I'll continue to have a pretty good breakdown of macros like that for the rest of the month. I just focused on getting enough protein and carbs and the fat just kinda worked itself out.

Man, I can't think of the last time I was actually this excited for a "rest" day. Looking at what was prescribed, I walked into this workout thinking it would be an easy one and I'd be out in no time. And I had things going on all day with my family so I couldn't start training until 8:00 pm. Hitting that last set of front squats at 11 pm was pretty rough. (Note to self, make sure to train earlier in the day, late night training feels twice as worse lol) I'm proud of the past four days though, so I feel like I've actually deserved an active recovery day. I'm definitely not going to take it as a total day off. I'll probably spend a long time mobilizing tomorrow. I really need to focus on gaining shoulder and scapular mobility. Being a skinny guy I'm pretty mobile, but there is definitely room for improvement in my overhead position. I'm gonna really get after that weakness before it leads to an injury. Based on how I'm feeling, I might do a light row (maybe not though because my calluses are just reforming and holding things hurts haha) or if time allows I'll get lost in the woods for a couple hours.

As for sleep, I've been getting my 8 hours every night but my next goal is to make sure it's consistent every night. I tried 10-6 and it's not for me. I think 11-7 will be more feasible, especially once college starts up again.

I'll try to get some more videos on Tuesday and hopefully I can get some advice on where I could improve and be more efficient.
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