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Default Day 5:

I'm trying to type this out on a phone, so I'll just update it when I get to a computer. Long story short, today was a fun training day. Happy New Years!

Front Squat - heavy single
115x3 135x3 165x2 185x1 195x1 (form was a little icky on this one, elbows dropped a bit, probably shouldn't have gone for 195)

Snatch - heavy single
95x2 115x2 125x1 135x1 145x1
Notes: Snatch felt very good today, probably could have gone a little heavier than 145 but my wrist was hurting a lot. I need to rework my mechanics to make sure that my wrist stays in a more neutral position overhead. I didn't think that this was a day that I was going to hit anything that was a pr so I decided to bow out while I was lifting well. I don't know if that's what I'm supposed to do or not, but it seemed like the right call at the moment.

Clean & Jerk - heavy single
115x2 135x1 155x1
Notes: As you can clearly see, I slacked on the c&j today. I didn't spend enough time warming up the movement and as a result the weight that I was hitting suffered. Based on how I was feeling on the other lifts there is no excuse for me not hitting 175. So yes, that was a bad, slackerish thing for me to have done and I'm ashamed of it. Not going to happen again.

Back Squat - heavy single
115x3 185x2 205x1 225x1
Notes: Finally hit 225 again and it actually felt pretty strong. I guess that made up a little bit for my disappointing showing in the c&j.

Pause Back Squat - 70% (of back squat heavy single) x 3 x 3
155x3x3 these felt pretty easy.

Good Morning - 3x5 (little heavier than Wednesday)
Notes: stay around here for the next time you do good mornings.

Nutrition: I've been hitting all my caloric goals for the past week, although the quality of food has been pretty crappy.

Sleep: I've been getting my 8 hours

Mobility work: I've been pretty good about mobility work although I should spend less time sitting down during the day.
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