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Default Day 6: Mediocre training

Week 1, Day 1

Front Squat - heavy single
115x5 135x5 155x3 175x2 195x1(it was slow, should've gone for 185 before 195, but form was better than the last time I went for 195)

Snatch - heavy single; 3 x 2
95x2 105x2 115x1 105x2 95x2, decided to try working up again 105x1 115x1F 115x1
Notes: Snatch felt rough today... really rough. Based on how I was feeling I had to go light on the snatches. Slower than usual and I was catching in a bottomed out position even on these light weights. I'm guessing the root cause is a lack of water intake and poor nutrition for the past two days. I was good up until that point but the past two days were bad. Gotta get back on track. Mentally though, today was a good fight, so I'm happy about that.

Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch pull - 5 x 1+2
115x1+2 125x1+2x5

Back Squat - heavy single; 4 x 3
135x5 155x4 175x3 185x1 195x1 205x1 185x3 165x3 145x3x2
Notes: I didn't intend on dropping down weights on each subsequent set of the drop sets but I was just moving so slowly that I felt it was necessary for me to move down in order to move faster

Good Morning - 3 x 5
Decided to go really light on these based on how everything else went today
Notes: I should have probably gone a bit heavier, but I focused more on quality of movement and since the rest of my session didn't go too well I figured I shouldn't push it too much on this.

Biggest take away from today... you can't be lazy about nutrition and try to follow this program. Also I really need to make sure I'm getting enough water because I felt really dehydrated while training. Minor bump in the road, but I learned some good lessons the hard way today so hopefully that'll help keep me motivated to stay on top of things with nutrition.
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