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Default Dear people of the internet

It is now 9:23 pm and I have yet to start my workout. I'm on a terrible schedule of working out late at night and I hate it. So sorry to disappoint but I'm doing the workout in the morning to reset this schedule. Here's the thing, this cycle is just to get me back into lifting, figuring out lifestyle factors, and getting accustomed to the volume so I'm not too concerned with numbers this time around. A year of inconsistency is a hard thing to break in a week. I realize that I'm being a lazy bum by not doing my workout right now. I know. Sorry to disappoint. But I'm mainly just concerned with getting things back on track right now. As time goes on and I start having more fun with training instead of putting a bunch of needless pressure on myself to get everything perfect, I will be back on track. But believe me, I realize the amount of dedication it will take to make my goal a reality and I will get to that point of discipline over the course of this cycle (trust me, I used to be very disciplined, I just have to dig deep and get that back), but right now I just need to take things a bit slower, I'm being overly ambitious with everything and that is becoming a bit overwhelming. If I'm going to get to that point though I need to fall in love with training again or I will never have the level of motivation that it takes to make it. Simply going through the motions never got anyone anywhere. So I guess as I'm starting to train again, my first real objective, more than numbers, diet, or sleep, is to just start having fun with training again.
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