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While technique is extremely important during the lifts, you will want/need to increase the weight as you begin to develop a solid motor pattern. Therefore, it will benefit you to get to a facility that does have bumper plates, even if that means a little traveling if you plan on doing this two days a week. If you continue to train with, say, 60 kg in a power clean and and jerk, you're eventually going to get so used to that weight that your body will not benefit from the movement. Also, as you increase in weight, you will eventually have to go into the full lift given the nature of being able to power one weight and then have to go into a full squat for the next. It is important to learn the full lifts because at max effort, you're putting a lot of strain on the knees and hips to stop the weight from going any lower. Some days you may be able to stop the weight; on other days, your body is going to want to ride down into the full squat, so it's important that you're familiar and comfortable with, and flexible enough for the full movement. Should you increase the frequency that you train to three or four days a week, you're going to start to start feeling the effects of stopping weights in a power position all the time.

Lastly, doing pulls is great, but you're missing out on the full effect that the classic lifts offer if you cut out them out of your training, be it power or full lift. Again, I recommend that you maybe consider traveling to a gym equipped with the right stuff. If you can't get there, then your course of action is suitable, but I would recommend you stick with snatching and substitute the power clean and jerk with a clean pull and separate press motion since cleans tend to be heavier and harder to control on the way down.

Hope this helps!

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